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The Macklin Legacy

Macklin & Co. came into being the way many things do.  A lifetime love of cooking, an obsession with quality, and a continued pursuit of perfection came together at exactly the right time.  While I had come to own many good knives over the years, no one knife completely lived up to my expectations.  I had started a search in 2011 to find a chef's knife that met several important criteria.  It had to be lighter than most German knives, hold an edge better than Japanese knives, made in the USA, and exemplify the best of American craftsmanship.  While I looked at many admirable examples, none fit the bill exactly.


What began as a simple search for a culinary tool had turned into an odyssey.  In the end, I decided to develop my own line, following the criteria set out in my initial search, with one addition.  The knives had to be a legacy item, a culinary tool that would be passed down generation to generation.  A source of pride for all who use them. 


Macklin & Co. knives are manufactured in the USA by American craftsman, using USA sourced materials.  Handles are made of stabilized and double dyed box elder, an indigenous American wood.  Our knives are designed so that (with proper care and maintenance) they should last three to four generations, perhaps longer.  All knives and culinary tools are warranted for the lifetime of the original owner.

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Videos and Images

A few pictures from our experience at the Living Resources Culinary Cornucopia

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News & Events

We are now carrying our line of cutlery at:

 Warren Kitchen & Cutlery in Rhinebeck, NY

Compliments to the Chef in Saratoga Springs, NY


We encourage you to visit & purchase our products from these fine retailers




Living Resources’ Culinary Cornucopia- November 11, 2012


 If you are a food lover, this is the event to attend.  Come and sample an assortment of cuisine from some of the top chefs of the area's finest restaurants.  We will also be there and are donating a couple of knives for the auction.


Press Releases:


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